Joskey is back on the web!

Mar 12

Me in Southpark

Me in Southpark

Well, after a fair few months of waiting I have finally got the domain back.

I rather stupidly let it lapse a year or so ago and it got swallowed up by someone who never used it for anything other than a bit of advertising. Their hold on it ran out in Jan and then after a rather short grace period I was able to pounce!

I made the plunge mainly because I’m thinking of moving internet supplier and with that comes an email change so what better than to have a more permanant domain for communications. And as this post proves – ramblings.

Hopefully I’ll be able to devote a part of this site to my photography, and after the wedding I might even let Jules use it (well she doesn’t really qualify until October the 3rd now does she!!!)

And with that I’m off.

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