Been a while

Nov 18

Well – it has!

But in my defence I did have to sort out the wedding (or at least do what Jules told me to do), get married, enjoy Hawaii and then get my head back into the real world. But I guess I have to accept that it really ought to be back by now…

Being married is ace by the way.

So what is on the horizon?

Trying to sort out an extension to the house – planning permission done, building regs nearly done – waiting for a conditional approval notice. Got one builder in the process of sorting a quote and waiting on another to get back to us to arrange meeting to go over plans.
As part of this want to put up a big shed in the garden and need to sort a quote for the base and the shed too.
Then there is the list of extra bits to do to the house if the money permits – replace the windows, redo the drive, redo the patio/deck, sort the garden – probably rotovate and returf, sort the garden at the front, properly insulate the loft. And anything else that pops out the woodwork…

In doing a load of sorting I discovered some old tapes of various bands I have been in and I really want to get them digitised. I’ll pop them all up here when I do. Might try recording them into cubase and splicing them up from there unless I can find a cheap service to do it for me…

Also got some photo stuff to sort as well as all the wedding photos to do, make a thank you card and album, etc..!

The band is going on – currently trying to get together a demo CD for festivals and stuff, as well as find the time to record a football anthem song! Seriously!

Then there is the film stuff – need to get on with Please Shoot Me, and there are a few other bits and pieces on the boil.

Finally – need to get a new version of the website up and refine some of the photo galleries.

The list never ends.

Next year is going to be soooo busy…

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