Something that made me a little sad

Jun 14

When I was out walking Bella dog yesterday in the common a fellow dog walker motioned me over to see a fascinating site. A swarm of bees were gathered all round on a very small sapling huddling together to keep the queen warm I suppose.

It was quite a site – nature being all amazing and all.

This morning it appears someone has decided to chop down the sapling, thus ridding the world the danger of a group of bees minding their own business a couple of meters away from a path.

They were in a common. The common is a nature reserve. Those bees would only have posed a threat if you decided to go up to them and shake the little tree. We need bees. They are one of the best things for the countryside. They make it beautiful and pollinated and they do unbelievably cool things like gather together on a tiny tree all to protect themselves as a whole. Bees aren’t doing so well at the moment.

I hate the person who cut down that tree. I hope the bees seek them out when they are sleeping, and sting them all the way to Anaphylactic shock, the stupid, ignorant, idiot.

Obviously if it were wasps then it’d be different – they’re evil.


It has occurred to me that it is possible someone took the bees to add to a hive, like a bee keeper type. In the interests of making me feel the world is a better place I am going to choose to believe this scenario.

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