Jazz + Introspective Indie =

Jan 19

Something really, really great! Seriously. Check This…

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Memories – you gotta love em.

Jan 11

Sometimes you get hit by a memory that sparks something that’s not stirred locked away in the back of your mind from when you were a metal loving, girl free zone of a teenager.. I just got one; http://www.myspace.com/helloween/music/songs/future-world-29066199 ROCK my friends,...

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Happy New Year

Jan 01

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope it brings you everything you hope for.

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It’s a bit chilly

Dec 23

How cold? I’m sure drainpipes aren’t meant to do this!

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Playstation Beta

Aug 12

I went to the Playstation Beta rooms on Sunday. It was a preview/feedback event of some upcoming games and technology in the Custard factory in Birmingham. It’s nice to get an event in the Midlands rather than London, and it was free to boot! Lyle came along too. Here he is with sackboy… So what was there to see? Lots of young trendies manning the many stands, which had impressively sized Sony flatscreen TV’s a piece. There was some sitting down to play, some standing (mainly the move stuff). Great atmosphere to the event – everyone seemed genuinely interested in the games and had a few conversations, particularly about 3D (generally not so positive), with some of the other attendees. But mainly it was about getting my hands on the games so here we go; Little Big Planet 2 This was great – we got to see a level and three of the mini games. They are just things the MM team have thrown together rather than production levels so the guy at the stand told me, but they were fun. What they showed off though was that it looks the same but better – similar art style but just more solid somehow. Also the controls feel better. It still has that inertia but instantly easier to control and felt more responsive reasonable when moving the little sack boy about. The changes in create mode so you can create virtually any sort of game look fab (though might be a bit beyond me in a similar way level creation in the first was (too much time needed). You can also much more easily create in game characters/robots. That should make it much easier than the pull a level to make the car go model of the first! All in all a great game. One to watch when it gets released. Gran Turismo 5 (+ 3D + full steering rig) I’m rubish at GT games. But I still love them. They look lush and the attention to detail is amazing. The full steering wheel rigs they had set up looked great – big but impressive! The 3D set up’s less impressive. To be honest I just didn’t get any sense...

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