Recording We Made This album number one

Mar 31

We are a little way down the road of recording the first two tracks for the first “We Made This” album. We have recorded rough midi drum tracks (with me playing live along to Don’s guide guitar track and vocals) to all the songs on cubase and then I have tidied up two – by which I mean gone through and edited every note that was too far out of time or miss hit back into place. Which results in a very solid but still my dynamics drum track. And we have also recorded the bass to those two tracks – with Mark off on hols soon we needed to get that in the bag. Then it’s guitar and vocals to do. Not bad for a home recording effort. All audio through my Joe Meek condenser mic and EQ/compressor. Not the best in the world but works brilliantly for us! I’ll be updating the blog with the mixing settings – stuff like cut-off frequencies and effects and the like to keep a record!...

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