Steve McCurry Exhibition in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Aug 04

Jules and I went to the Steve McCurry photo exhibition in Birmingham on Tuesday at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. You can check out Steve’s website here – Simply put he is a great photographer (Magnum, National Geographic…) and the exhibition is full of wonderful photos. He captures wonderfully composed images that tell you interesting things about the subject(s), rendered with the most striking colours – bright and vibrant yet muted and subtle at the same time. Simply wonderful. If you get a chance go see it – it is on till October 17th. It needn’t take long to go round the exhibition but you might just find it...

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Our Wedding photos

Feb 05

Well – they are nearly done. Just a few to be trimmed out here and there and a bit of post production work for some. It’s taken a while but I’m nearly there… Yay! Before the ceremony During the ceremony The reception Wedding photos – getting ready Edit | Delete Blogroll Yes 0 Wedding photos – getting tipsy Edit | Delete Blogroll Yes 0 Wedding photos -getting married Edit | Delete...

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My new fancy

Jan 13

I want it… More info here.

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Don’t Move photo shoot

Aug 20

Did the photography (all 4000 stills) for a music video for Don’t Move on Sunday. Lyle, Ben and Larry have been beavering away on turning it into this… Cool or...

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Sensor cleaning

Jul 30

Well I never did get back about the sensor cleaning. Turns out it is pretty straight forward. Bit scary to flip up the mirror and press down on the sensor but the instructions were clear and the process simple. Went round the sensor about 5 times with the one cleaning pad and my problem spots of dust or whatever had got in there were gone....

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Cameras, dust and sensors

Jun 11

Noticed some dust on my camera sensor the other day (well month really). It’s rather stopped my from photog’ing so need to sort it out. Have bought me a sensor cleaner – a sticky tab you press on the sensor (it sounds like the exact thing you are meant NOT to do!) It’s one of these; Will try and clean the cam this weekend after I get back from London. There may be a broken sensor post sometime soon then!!! I might even post some before and after shots of the dust spots against a white wall – you lucky...

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