Fit Leighton

May 27

Well – I joined a gym. The Warwickshire ( to be precise. And it’s great. I had my induction to the gym equipment this week and unlike my only other experiance of gyms, I didn’t end the session near death, unable to drive or walk properly (thanks Holmes Place!) All the staff are lovely and friendly, and very relaxed. The other patrons seem a non threateningly wide mix of people. And I have my own workout scheme – bit of cardio, bit of weights. My short term goal is to shape up and loose a couple of % body fat. I was pleasantly surprised when I was measured and was 21% body fat – in the healthy zone. But still good to improve a bit. Then can start on toning up and the wonders of free weights. But the machines will suffice for now. My big thing is to avoid scaring myself off from getting fit by overdoing it too soon. So far I am loving it. I shall be a god by the wedding… The pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi all...

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Mar 31

We is going to Hawaii! Cool!

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